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Since 1946 SORGE works in the fields of logistic and company organization.

During these years our job is particularly focused on manufactured automated filing systems with rotating shelves and compactable sliding cabinets in order to solve storage problems of big and middle volumes of documents.

Today we also operate in warehouse mechanization with our vertical automated filing systems.

The main task of our projects is to optimize the activities of documents retrival and picking goods, we can also supply software for warehouse management. SORGE manufactured and give post-sale assistance directly, ensuring a long lasting tried.


Sorge offers “turnkey” solutions in the field of archiving and materials logistics through its range of automated systems with rotating shelves and compactable cabinets.

The experience gained over the years, characterized by constant attention to the needs of individual customers, allows us to carry out a consulting activity aimed at optimizing the occupation of space and rationalizing the procedures for consulting documents or collecting materials .

Sorge srl, furthermore,supports customers in the start-up phase of the installations and directly follows the assistance service through its network of specialized technicians present throughout the national territory, ensuring the perfect efficiency of the plants over time.

The considerable production flexibility in the production of automated rotating table systems and the adoption of an original kinematic system and rotation of the containers consisting of a double roller drag chain and a third chain with stabilization and safety function allow us to offer a range that is almost unique in the combinations of the number and height of the containers, which can even vary within the same machine

The recent introduction of folding ladders integrated into compactable cabinets allow us to offer solutions that facilitate consultation procedures by making archive-related activities easier and safer.


Tel. 0258 318007    &    Fax. 0258 316153

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